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Cream refers to the milk product obtained by centrifugation to obtain cream, which is made by ripening, stirring, and pressing. The use of cream has become very common in this modern era, especially for decorating cream cakes. Cake decorations have become popular to improve the shape, color and finally more sales. As known, there are two types of cream, dairy, and non-dairy. The main difference between dairy and non-dairy creams is in their ingredients.

The term compounding the fat of dairy products or replacing it with other fats is a common approach in the dairy industry. Products in which milk fat is completely or partially replaced by vegetable fats are defined as non-dairy products. Non-dairy cream will be suitable for people who basically cannot consume dairy products, or people who have the desire to consume plant-based products.

In addition, non-dairy confectionary creams have better functional characteristics and are more economical.

Being non-dairy allows the producer to reduce the amount of fat and produce a healthier product in addition to being cheaper. Although the taste of this product may be different from the point of view of a consumer who is used to the taste of dairy cream, it can still flourish among people as a product with good taste.


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Non-dairy cream is particularly popular in many countries such as Indonesia and India. Non-dairy cream is made from vegetable fat and is suitable for those who are allergic to lactose or dairy products. Non-dairy cream is also a healthier alternative and is more suitable for people on a healthy diet than heavy cream. On the other hand, dairy creams, as the name suggests, are prepared from dairy products (milk) and contain the properties and vitamins of milk.

Plant-based or non-dairy cream can also be used for icing, toppings, drink mixes, desserts, and as a coconut milk substitute for food or drinks. As a cake decoration or drink topping, non-dairy whipped cream is stiffer and does not melt at room temperature. It is also one of the products for vegetarians that do not contain milk, eggs, and honey.

Kalber cream with vegetable fat, which is prepared from a mixture of milk fat and vegetable fat, contains 20% fat, and Kalber cream with animal fat, which is available in two types of cocoa and white, contains 25% fat. These creams are classified as semi-fat creams. They have a shelf life of 6 months and do not contain any preservatives, and they do not need to be stored in the refrigerator until the package is opened. Kalber UHT(ultra heat treated) cream is supplied and exported in multi-layer aseptic packaging in 200 ml volume. These long-life creams are sent to the customer after keeping them for a certain period of time and getting quality control approval. 

After knowing the difference between non-dairy and dairy cream, the choice is yours. According to your body and diet, you can choose one of the creams with vegetable or animal fat.


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