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Dairy is an excellent environment for bacteria because the live microorganisms feed on lactose, a naturally occurring sugar in dairy products. Hence, cheese and yogurt are known as excellent probiotic food.
The importance of probiotic-containing products for maintaining health and well-being is becoming a key factor affecting consumer choice, resulting in the rapid growth of the market for such products, in addition to an increased commercial interest in exploiting their proposed health attributes.
Probiotics, good bacteria that can contribute to gut and overall health, can be found in some types of cheese as well as in dietary supplements, fermented foods, and yogurt. Typically, probiotics are in cheeses that have been aged but not heated afterward. This includes both soft cheese, including Mozzarella or Gouda, and hard cheeses, including provolone or cheddar.
The bacteria are typically found in fermented foods, including kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and yogurt. And, remember, no cooking or melting if you want to preserve the probiotic benefits.

Though not all probiotics deliver the same benefits, BifidoB HN019TM alone or in combination with LactoB HN001TM & fructo oligosaccharides speeds up the transit of food through the gut to improve symptoms of constipation. BifidoB HN019TM also reduces gut discomfort and supports gut barrier integrity.
The lining of the human gut acts like a gatekeeper by allowing certain compounds to cross the gut barrier and enter the bloodstream while keeping out harmful compounds. When the gut barrier is compromised, harmful compounds such as pathogens can enter the body from the gastrointestinal tract. Both BifidoB HN019TM and LactoB HN001TM help maintain gut cell junctions.


Kalber Feta probiotic cheese is the same in ingredients and tastes as normal Feta cheese. Kalber probiotic cheese can not only impact the gut lining but it has other effects on immune system health. The addition of probiotics helps to digest kalber cheese as well as increase the health of the digestive system.

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